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Ads, BlackBerry, and Plastic Plates

We already know that all the new technologies being released in the market these days are really anything but new. In essence, they’re redesigned, remodeled, restructured, revamped, rebuilt and revisited version of the original concept. Allow me to make a bold statement: There are no new concepts in any market whatsoever as far as consumer products are concerned.

Agree? Good.
And by the way, nothing pisses me off more than those stupid ads for banks and TV channels that go somewhat like the following:

“A unique account.. for unique people”

“A whole new way to watch movies”

Your Account, Your Choice”

“A new phone line for a new generation”

And I go like wait a friggin’ minute! Do marketing people out there seriously think that THAT kind of old-school lame advertising works with us?? Problem is, it does. As much as I hate conceding to this fact, but it does work with our consumption-oriented society that believes in owning all that is a ‘just released’.
Most of the time I use Windows XP, and some people come and tell me that I’m “sooo in the stone age”, I say “What exactly is radically different that begs the need to upgrade to Windows 7?” They say, “It’s faster and safer and more user-friendly.” Of course, I can’t argue with that. But Windows XP works for me! It’s fast enough, it’s safe enough and, as far as I can tell, it’s pretty friendly with me!

And on another note, I’ve had my NOKIA E71 for as long as I can tell. By my standards, it’s one of the best ever released. Problem started when BlackBerry came in the picture, though. EVERYONE was stampeding to get their yearly plan for BBM and they were on a fast-track of degeneration by NOT looking at you in the eye while talking to you, because they were.. what was it? .. oh! ‘BBMing’. NOKIA E71 may look like a BB to the untrained eye, and so I had people grabbing their BB’s saying, “Oh gimme your PIN!” with that innocent smile on their faces, “It’s a NOKIA” I say, expecting the reaction. Eyes roll upward, and the innocent smiles turn into “poor you” smirks.

I don’t believe in spending anything more than KD. 100 on a mobile phone. Because the people who are willing to pay any price for a gadget are the same people who are encouraging the market to go further with its bad eating habits.
So BlackBerry’s market price was, for all practical reasons, against my principle. Until BlackBerry Gemeni came along, price tag? KD. 90. I said fine, let’s give it a try and see what the hype is all about. I bought it, set it up, got my monthly plan in place and there I was BBMing along with my fellow BBMers. Three months have passed and I see NOTHING exciting about it. Yes, instant messaging rather than the old text messaging, I get it. But does it deserve all that hype? (that’s a rhetorical question, please don’t answer.)

So nothing really is new. Bank accounts will always remain what they’re designed to do: deposits and withdrawals. Mobile phones will always do what they’re manufactured to do: call & receive calls. TV channels will keep providing what all the channels in the world are providing: Movies; and there’s only one way to watch them, as far as I know. Cars, Laptops, PCs, Restaurants, etc… the list is long, people.

On the other hand, lately I found that buying disposable plastic plates to use rather than ceramic or porcelain plates is much more convenient on all levels. Sure keep a set ready for the few occasions during the year, but you know you can save tons of water just by not doing any dishwashing after a nice meal. After all, who would want to go stand in the kitchen to do the dishes? Save water, mates. Go plastic!!

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  1. Miss Good Egg
    February 21, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Well said Shmoo! I’m guilty for taking the BBM plunge too. I suppose it is handy if two people have the same device. It’s also a teeny weeny itsy bitsy easier to communicate with it, in terms of sending voice clips and images.

    lol I actually like washing dishes 🙂 Sometimes it’s therapeutic- but then again anything in the kitchen to me is therapeutic 😀 Plastic is more functional though.

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