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Captain Amerigo!

I was never able to know exactly how I felt about Captain America. I mean he was there in most comic books I have, though only as an ad in the centerfold or as a free coupon on the back of the comic book. To start with, I’ve known that he’d served his purpose long ago during WWII, and once that was over, he just decided to take on other villains. I mean, how does that work? To live-up some superhero for a specific purpose, and when that purpose is over, he just…lingers on. I guess Jennifer Love Hewitt can’t help him cross over on this one.

What really tells me that people, even writers themselves, have extreme mixed feelings about this particular All-American superhero (who, without a doubt, has a cheeseburger hidden somewhere in his suit) is that they assassinated him! See, now they’ve complicated things a lot more than they already were for me. Have you ever went surfing online only to find some famous guy whom you were never really interested in, and now that guy’s gone and suddenly you feel a strange feeling of loss and sympathy? Well it is kind of like that with the Captain.

But hold on! It doesn’t end here. After he was assassinated (apparently this was an engineered plot to revamp the Captain’s character and what not), they simply decided to give him a makeover! They dressed him up, and made him wholesome again. Now I’m seriously confused. Not only did they resurrect him from death, but they’ve taken him way back… to WWII! And even though I absolutely loved what they did with his clothes (no sarcasm, seriously) I just don’t get how he gets to have a second life. But after a good job at un-gaying his costume, with the helmet looking awesome and the baggy WWI pants, this guy is definitely on my to-check-out list!

See the link for a full shot: http://l.yimg.com/a/i/mo/captain-america_full-size.jpg

All hail the living…dead (?)

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