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The Living Dead

Is it me or people can’t see the resemblance between the late Heath Ledger (right) who played The Joker in The Dark Knight, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (left) who played the kid in 3rd Rock from the Sun and alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in his recent movie, Inception? This, I think, is a rare opportunity for whoever is directing the sequel for The Dark Knight to get Levitt on his casting list. You can’t just have the arch-enemy in your script die in real life and not notice his look-alike walking around doing supporting roles in movies like Inception.

Heck, I don’t even know if Mr. Nolan (director) has Levitt on his list already! If he hasn’t yet, then he can get Whoopi Goldberg for all I care. But I was just saying! You know? I mean, come to think of it, one-third of this Earth is Chinese (figure of speech), how come no Chinese (Ok, fine…I don’t know what to call people from Hong Kong!) since the death of Bruce Lee has ever been introduced as a major Bruce Lee look alike? Sure maybe if you consider Kwok-Kwan Chan who played the Goalkeeper in Shaolin Soccer, then yeah. But I’m talking SERIOUS roles that may have the potential to resurrect Bruce Lee’s unfinished movie scripts!

Kwok-Kwan Chan (left) in Shaolin Soccer and Bruce Lee (right) in Game of Death

IP Man, for example, was an amazing film about Bruce Lee’s master (as it is mentioned) and how the series of unfortunate events tossed him around until he became a legend of a legend. If the same director of that movie would approach Chan to impersonate Bruce Lee acting in one of his own scripts that never saw day light, I would go see that movie even if I had severe diarrhea. Just trying to tell you the level of my enthusiasm! Forget Jason Scott Lee’s Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story, the acting was a bit too dramatic even for Bruce Lee. There was too much Bruce Lee in the role of..Bruce Lee! It’s why I thought it just didn’t work… Bruce’s eyes were always sort of lazy when he was alert, but this guy’s eyes were wide-open throughout the movie!

I just don’t understand some directors who choose the wrong actors for the right roles. That shouldn’t happen. You can’t have Jean Claude Van Damme play Guile in Street Fighter. That is a sin. And you certainly can’t have Mark Ruffalo play the Incredible Hulk in the upcoming Avengers. That is a waste of paycheck. Edward Norton was just perfect in the 2008 film, since he always had that keen and paranoid look on his face. Mark would look much better in something like… 13 going on 30.
But I’m no critic, so what do I know, right? What I’m saying here is that just because a movie star died doesn’t mean his role is over. He or she still lives on through the look-alike… if available.

Nolan, if you’re reading this, call Levitt NOW!

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  1. Perdy
    August 3, 2010 at 8:40 am

    That is very astute of you!! I’m eager to know how you stumbled upon this discovery!! Quite like it!!
    πŸ™‚ Honestly, that’s perdy good! If its you’re own “inception”. πŸ˜‰

    I feel like Levitt would actually be able to pull it off aaand I feel tat playing a villain would be excellent for his image and career!! Hes mostly been able to shake off that sweet boy look (specially with ‘Inception’ – he looked yummy!!!).
    But just imagine! People wont expect it and if he does the villain well, he’ll be the hit and heartthrob of the industry (as though he already is one in more ways than one). Something different, something to look forward to, I would say!

    And I agree with you, Mark Ruffalo is …………………. slow!! I cant picture him as a ‘brilliant, ambitious physicist”. But then….. I think hes an artsy kinda actor. Maybe he’ll be able to pull it off in his act. Having said that though, he should definitely work on his way/style of talking/speech……. its ………….. blah-ish!!
    13 going on 30???? Shmoo, that’s a bit much!!! :-p

  2. August 3, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    THANK YOU! Finally someone agrees that Ruffalo is blah-ish! And it’s not much, dear Perdy, because he did actually co-star 13 Going On 30 with Jennifer Garner! But that’s the point..he fits in that genre. It’s like suggesting Will Ferrell can be Spiderman. The only difference here is I actually like Will…he’s a goof ball πŸ™‚

    How about this? We’ll write a petition to stop the director from going ahead with Ruffalo! WHO’S WITH THEM? (here comes nothing…)

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