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Business vs. Busyness

How do people start business? Why do things sound simple when they’re telling and retelling their success stories, whereas whenever I try to work on a project, it won’t pass the scratch-paper phase? I might succeed in going through the trouble of coming up with a name, logo and a location for the business, but never really do actual work that will open up Sindbad’s cave for me. Is anybody out there experiencing the same, or am I hallucinating?
It just seems that business thrives for the privileged few and crumbles for the unfortunate majority of us, which is flat out outrageous! (or Flat Outrageous, for short)

See I’m starting to think it’s not the ideas that count. Not at all. It won’t matter if you got a BRILLIANT idea for a business, because chances are the only person who thinks it’s brilliant is… you guessed it… you. Which isn’t funny because it’s why I’m writing this to all of you, whoever you are.
But seriously, why is it that when a guy who is intellectually inferior to me and creatively way more primitive than I am gets to have a business that is up and running in, relatively, no time whereas I, the superior and more complex being, stand here perplexed and bewildered.

That’s when I realized it’s got nothing to do with ideas. Yes, good ideas have an advantage, but bad ideas still got potential if executed correctly. I mean, whoever thought of getting married must be suffering from some brain damage, but a bad idea like marriage could give you offspring, so it’s still a potentially fruitful bad idea!!
Anyway, the secret to successful business is this (brace yourselves): balls. Yes, you read it. Business needs balls (and by this I mean “courage”) to do what the unfortunate majority are afraid to do. Haven’t you heard of people declaring their bankruptcy? We’ll that’s when the market gives a kick in the groin. But in more cheerful occasions, having balls really pays off! I guess all this time I was really afraid of jumping in. I wear my swimming shorts, wear my goggles, get in the snorkeling mood, stand next to the ramp, then test the water with my toe, and chicken out.

So all this time that I thought I was actually trying to do business, it turns out I was trying to do busyness, where I look busy for nothing.

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