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Unplugged: Controlling the A Letter

Writer’s block is extremely annoying at a time when you need to write the most. The ups and downs of daily life and a very pressing career is overwhelming, and the situation needs to be addressed on daily basis to avoid having a heart attack. I can’t really pin-point who or what is contributing to the decaying well being of my sanity; but if my sanity is affected in any way, how does that make whatever I’m saying credible? One of the things that ticked me off to write this post is this: how come the ticket anyone pays for to see a movie does not include quality-warranty refund policy, just in case? If the KNCC were to fully service us with movies received “as-they-were-bought”, and people are paying for that ill-set price for a ticket, shouldn’t we expect no unjustified cut scenes? Even if these cut scenes are there in US theaters as well, shouldn’t there be a refund policy anywhere in this open-business contract? Shouldn’t this be part of the consumer rights deal? Is there a deal for consumers to begin with? It is frustrating that when a movie sucks, you just realize that you wasted good money (plus the tickets you bought for whoever is accompanying your poor soul) on a bad movie.. forever. When will we learn that now is the age of Home Theater? Do you think producers and directors would make bad movies if nobody went to the movies? I’m not saying all movies should be Saving-Private-Ryan good, or Inglorious-Bastards genius, or Lord-of-the-Rings fascinating, or Kung-fu-Panda entertaining, or Naked-Gun-33⅓ funny, or The-Matrix awesome, or The-Usual-Suspects luring, etc.. but at least they should pass the Would-Watch-Again-Sometime test. Combine this situation with a career that requires knowledge in legal terms and civil as well as public law, and you’re left with ZERO fun. The only fun you’d have ever hoped for to see in a movie theater where every 5 minutes someone would walk in to allow the bright light from outside the theater sneak into the place and cling to the “screen” – if I’m ever allowed to call it that – and make Jim Carrey’s face look pale and faded. Am I paying for this? Really? How should I feel exactly when KNCC says Mondays are KD 1.500 for a ticket? Should I be happy? Or should I feel like a sheep amongst the herd pushing and getting pushed in an attempt to get a special rate for the same tasteless quality? Am I ever allowed to compare this with the ridiculous sheepish queue at Pink Berry? How come people don’t feel wrong just thinking about getting in a queue THAT long for a cup of yogurt that costs THAT much? Problem is if I do it myself, I get robbed the right to object. And if I object, I get labeled. Is there an escape? Listen, I may be a follower of the thought that if I’m paying for something, I would very much like to get its worth. Every cent of it. But to pay for something just to follow the trend, regardless of quality, is something I’m not willing to understand. Let alone accept. Because of that, I sign off with a squint and a frown.

  1. Miss Good Egg
    August 11, 2010 at 12:25 am

    *MGE presses her finger against the screen attempting to click the TV button hoping in some bizarre way it will trigger the super secret ink that lies in the white gap below*


    Mbarak 3alaik Ishahar Shmoo.

    • August 11, 2010 at 9:14 am

      loool that’s classic MGE / MacGyver way of tackling a problem! And that’s a compliment!

      Mbarak 3alaich Ishahar ya 5oosh Egg 🙂

  2. Bader
    August 12, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    “but to pay for something just to follow the trend, regardless of quality, is something I’m not willing to understand.”

    I second that.

    Mbarak 3alaik Ishahar

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