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Opium: Part Two

Religion is as old as man. That, of course, does not prove anything. But it does say that we humans have a tendency to believe in greater beings that are omniscient and all-powerful. Religion, as mentioned in part one, is simply a set of codes or instructions that tell people how to deal with issues in their day-to-day lives. Much like the set of rules and regulations found and applied by us humans that regulate all kinds of issues, from social life to education to criminal law to business. These rules, regardless of the author (or creator, let’s not get touchy here), are made to safeguard order and peace.  So it is good to at least acknowledge that religion is not bad as an idea.

I could swear I hear someone saying that religion is the source of terrorism. Which is absurd because religion, like everything else in life, is a double-edged sword. I mean, if Teletubbies have enemies, I wouldn’t be surprised if religion did. So I’m not bothered by people who think obliterating religion is the answer to solving world problems. The problem is even if religion gets out of the picture, we still have political parties, ethnic and racial issues, economic and financial differences.. the list may not be long but they’re enough to keep six billion people busy.

Thought and philosophy outlive people and surpass the confines of materialist agendas. There are still Pagans around, for the love of God! You know, god of war, god of peace, god of sea, god of sleep, god of crops, god of chocolate chip waffles & yogurt ice cream. It’s beautiful.
And so movements to abolish religion are just as useless as trying to convince the GOP and Democrats to “think outside the box”. Come to think of it, why do so many people want to abolish religion? Is it that they hate the idea of God so much or that they just hate religion itself? But then, is it about God at all? Is it taking it too far to think that God has been benched when it comes to religion? If this IS about religion itself, it’s one thing. But if it is about God, then it’s a totally different issue. Yes, religion has the power to create brick-headed people who would kill fellow believers for the sake of… well… for nothing, really! Yet, there are those would kill a fellow human because he’s black, white, brown, Asian, or because they’re from up North or farther South, or maybe because they speak or look funny. Name them what you wish, Ku Klux Klan, Skin Heads, street gangs, Mafia, Al-Qaeda, etc. It’s the same issue, different perspectives. I bet Oswald didn’t take out Kennedy for religious reasons either

It’s why the new world order refocused the efforts of mega powers to exporting philosophy. Forget Afghanistan and Iraq, those were inevitable and had to take place one way or another. They were old contracts that needed to be terminated for the new program to take place. Soldiers and guns is not the face of war anymore, that is so 60’s. Rather, it is the sitcoms, movies, cartoons, fashion shows, and reality TV that are here to stay. It’s the ideas and concepts behind these products that come in full disguise, much like the Trojan Horse. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is Opium of the Masses, and not religion. In fact, they’ve become religion in their own right.
I don’t wish to sound like a conspiracy theorist, even though I do sound like one no matter how hard I try not to, but the facts are straight. Religion is not saying the modern life style is evil or TV shows are wicked (well… some religious people do!), but religion says you may adopt a modern life style and watch whatever TV show you want while bearing in mind that they are messages that need to be analyzed, interpreted and understood. I, for one, liked some concepts in Sex and the City, but ultimately understood that they’re saying sleeping around with various people from all over is not really a bad thing; it’s “freedom of choice”… Ouch!

So there are worse things than religion, and terrorism is not a copyright or a trademark of religion. But the question that still stands is this: where is God in the midst of all of this?

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