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My “Rocking” Rocking Chair

A “Lazboy” has always been one of the luxuries that I’ve wanted to have so bad. So when I moved to a bigger apartment, the opportunity presented itself for me to have my own study room. A shopping spree at IKEA and other outlets was inevitable. Of course, there was much resistance from family that I’m spending way over my own fixed budget that I carefully assess on quarterly basis. But then again, I have a rule that sort of breaks my budget-control policy, and that is whatever amount I’m spending in that year on “luxury”, the same amount I have to give in charity in that same year. So that I pay my dues and I’m fair in the eyes of the Lord. Which also makes me think twice about how much I want to spend. So it works both ways.

Anyway, I realized I have space for one more item in my study. You guessed it, a Lazboy. So I went on a market price report and found out that it still is very expensive.. for a chair. Yes it may be the Ferrari of chairs, but that does not justify someone throwing away KD. 360 for it. Yes it will stay with you forever, but.. it’s a freakin’ chair, so let’s be realistic here! The price list ranges from KD. 150 to KD. 437; still not willing to pay that much for a chair. Plus, paying KD. 300 means I’m donating another 300 for charity. So is it worth it?

The solution was getting a POANG rocking chair from IKEA for KD. 58! Much cheaper, fun to assemble, less guilt, and still rocks back and forth. Eh.. maybe in another life..

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