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The Variable Constant


The past two weeks were violently volatile. Things changed in a blink and there was no time to sit and ponder whether the change was good or if it was good with an embedded file of miscalculated luck. And when there is no time to breathe, eventually you forget breathing all together. Whether or not this could be one form of micro-evolution is entirely beyond me; though I would make the assumption that sometimes holding your breath is the only way to survive.

The thing about change is that it is, on the one hand, very fixed. But on the other hand, it is very problematic to know that Change, in and of itself, is incalculable. Much of change is related directly to the Unknown, actually.
Yes, I did stop last night to ask myself why there were several unforeseen changes in my life during the past couple of weeks, mainly on the small-to-medium scale, that may or may not improve my standard of living in the near future, both socially and emotionally. The sort of changes that I would have otherwise considered them insignificant, but had quite the impact simply due to the fact that I could not see them coming. My question is:

What is Change?

I realized I never stopped to ask myself what that concept or… state… really is. Is it a condition? Is it a state-of-being? Why is it inevitable? More importantly, still, why do changes happen and what are we supposed to do about them?
Are we supposed to greet Change with open arms? Or are we supposed to look like deers caught in the headlight of a speeding vehicle? I understand that many things in life (if not life itself) are very circumstantial, and for that it is normal to view Change as a fact of life. But is it?

We took comfort in understanding Change as the natural outcome for all that exists. Not even mountains escape Change, let alone our meager existence. As much as we’d like to believe that Time is the Grim Reaper harvesting our souls day and night, yet we tend to forget that even Time is subject to Change. Thus, the real proprietor holding the scythe is Change. And so if we’re governed by Change, what exactly is the point in struggling to stay consistent? What is the connection between Consistency and Change, even though one sounds like the nemesis of the other?

If I bring up the fate-destiny issue, how much time do I have before somebody either thinks I’m repeating myself or labels me as an idiot? Because quite frankly, I think change, like darkness, is non-existent. Just as darkness is simply the absence of light, so is change is the continuum of the norm. In the sense that if change is the constant truth, forever present over the axis of time, why do we view it with so much fear? Why do we have to skip a heart beat when somebody utters “change is coming”? Yes, it’s only normal to fear the unknown, but only if you had to face the unknown once. However if you’re constantly living in the unknown, so to speak, what is there to fear? If miracles are defined as events that are abnormal, and are rarely experienced, then why do we label giving birth as “miracle”?

It is rather striking to know that fear is the driving force in this material world. Fear even drives change to take place. While it is true that everything is in a constant state of change, even the dead, yet it is crucial to realize that fear is what triggers change. Yes there are other elements, like need, ambition, jealousy, and boredom, but isn’t there a hint of fear in all of them? I believe fear and change are two sides of a coin, see. And one cannot speak of one without having to mention the other, conciously or otherwise.
Change, much like death, is inevitable. It will take place, it will affect us, and it happens for reasons this blog-sneeze can never encompass. Whether to face change aggressively, oppose it, go with it, or embrace it is totally up to each one of us.

Makes you think, when you make plans, do you ever factor in the variables or do you just cross your fingers and hope the wind blows where the sails are going?

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