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Street Fighter: The Disappointment

I may be a little late in saying this, but it keeps hitting me one time after another. Street Fighter is probably the biggest disappointment I’ve ever had to deal with when it comes to video games. I mean, Capcom concealed any projects concerning the game for ten years. TEN. For what? The anticipation that was building up was enormous! Thinking that Street Fighter was going to come out to take center stage again. Obviously, they miscalculated the fans’ expectations.

Here’s the other issue: Seth?
Are you kidding me? THAT’s my challenge? I mean seriously, some people are too good for their own good, if you know what I mean. Sure you can be a pioneer and very creative at one point in time, but you have to know what your market is. You must realize how time is changing and you certainly should know what the expectations are! You can’t come up with characters every five minutes, and on whose expense? Original characters, of course! Capcom revolutionized the Zombie concept with Resident Evil. But that was up until Resident Evil 2, and the whole thing was on a downward spiral since Resident Evil Zero came out. Now look at the game we’re playing.. it is so far off from the original that you wouldn’t recognize it. What we’re dealing with now are anything but Zombies, and it pisses me off!

Back to Street Fighter. Same story. Hey, I mean, maybe the market is happy! But I know whoever played the original Street Fighter as a kid, and had to wait ten years for a better, stronger, and cooler release, must be disappointed. The YouTube teasers were so good I thought it was worth the wait! And now you have to deal with characters like Rufus and El Fuerte, one is an overweight American southerner (I think) with no background story and the other is a Spanish Chef who wants to fight through cooking. Wow. Capcom.. Wow.

Eh.. well.. I missed the old days of Street Fighter, as in the Animated Movie or Street Fighter Alpha the movie. Those were amazing. Really captured the essence of each fighter. And the above sketch is a tribute to Ryu, the master of all.

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