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Kindle. Aramex Kindle.

So I ordered Kindle from Amazon, based on a recommendation I got from a user. I’ve always been reluctant in getting it because it just.. well.. how can anyone trust a paperless book? I mean sure it is a nice idea and all, but how would all my other books feel if this ‘eBook’ walked in on them? You can read a book anytime you want, and this has always been the case. But not being able to read a book because it’s out of battery? That is flat out absurd!

Aramex building / warehouse in Ardiya, Kuwait. I got there one hour before they closed!

Now this other user told me that she’d felt the same way about getting a Kindle, that she didn’t quite figure out how to feel about having all her books on the go wherever she is. But that actually sounds quite nice, doesn’t it? Indeed. Yet, I think if a person is more of a serious reader, then the eBook will not sit well with them. If a person, however, is more of a gadgets geek, then the eBook will probably be the natural next step.

Service counters upon walking in. I really liked the red on the wall.. gave me thoughts for my crib.

So I went ahead and ordered it. I myself am a very impulsive buyer. I buy first and then think about whether I need it or not, like many other people. I mean, I do try to keep Warren Buffet in mind and remind myself of his tips for better financial management, yet the heart has its own agenda. Actually, I guess a lot of the motivation came from what I heard from this other user. Heck, she said it was worth it and she was all about reading! Who am I to question her judgment?

An hour before they close and they had 243 visitor for the day. Healthy business, huh?

It took around a week for it to get here. And it was perfect because it arrived one day before I left to Dubai, so it was good that I was able to read something en route, albeit the only thing on there to read was the Oxford Dictionary. Which is another issue I need to resolve soon; I can’t seem to find the right books for Kindle. Books that suit me, I mean. Considering that I’m big on everything that’s Japanese, it’s a bit of a concern that I’m not able to find anything on Japan, except for a Tokyo tour guide.

So the number on the screen showed mine with a shy beep, but found no one at the seat. Aramex employs ghosts, too!

And this is another thing about eBooks. What if you don’t find ‘your’ kind of books? Obviously I’m very new to this Kindle business, so I wouldn’t know if there is a solution out there already, and I’m too lazy to visit the online forums that discuss issues concerning every gadget on the planet. But at least I have it! That’s what I keep telling myself. The other side of my brain, on the other hand, tells me that I should have gotten an iPad. Sure it would be perfect for my one-year-old daughter, but why would I need it if I got a desktop PC, a laptop, and an iPhone? I mean, there’s a limit to being an impulsive buyer, right?

The moment the box and I first saw each other. Romance at its best!

Honestly, no there isn’t. People these days are competing against each other to get ‘the latest’ in everything. I guess we can say marketing people are doing a good job, after all! Forget word of mouth, like this girl who told me about her own experience with Kindle (was she paid to say that??), but I’m talking about the bombardment of hundreds and thousands of brands and ads wherever we go. Walk down the street with your pen and note pad.. er.. sorry, your digital note pad and take note of how many ads you see from where you start your journey to where it ends. You wouldn’t believe it, but they’re everywhere – it’s shoving products down your throat is what it is!

Naturally, I couldn't stand not opening the box in the car! Plus, it's always good to check if you get the right order...

But, as long as you are aware that you are aware of what marketers are doing, then you should be alright. Still it’s always nice to buy something new, isn’t it? I mean the smell of it, the plastic wrap around it, the box with all the crazy cargo addresses on it, it makes one feel as though they’ve achieved something!

Yup. It was a Kindle alright. Thanks, Amazon and Aramex people : )

You know what’s the best unacknowledged part of buying a new product like this one? It’s how much you imagined it would weigh but completely takes by surprise with how light or heavy it actually is. You know what I’m saying? Anyway, now I have a Kindle with no eBooks on it. And I might – just might – think of selling it. Not because I don’t like it, obviously, but because it’s a bit more thrilling to sell something you JUST bought! What can I say.. I’m a natural born salesman : )

  1. Bader
    April 10, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Congrats bro. Hope you enjoy using it or selling it for that matter šŸ™‚ on a recent trip to Canada I actually noticed that there were more people using the kindle than I did the ipad. I’m not sure but I think its easier on the eyes when reading. Not sure, maybe you confirm my theory :). And don’t worry, most of us are impulse buyers, we learn as we get older.

  2. April 11, 2011 at 8:27 am

    Honestly, I’m starting to like it! I downloaded some books, a couple of business books and other fiction and history, but I really am enjoying it! I mean, just last night I was reading before ‘closing the shop’, and every time I was done with a ‘page’, my hand moves to flip the page.. only to realize that it’s a freakin’ paperless Kindle! : ) Which was quite funny, really.
    I got the special leather Kindle case with it, too, and it’s got its own Kindle-powered night light. Very beautiful. As skeptical as I was, I’m actually starting to like the darned thing : )

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