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Self-worth Market

Aboard a flight heading to a nearby city (in case the people involved in this incident are reading this), I sit there quietly reading The Battle for God on my Kindle. Two Arab  girls were on the two seats next to me. They were probably in their late 20’s or early 30’s, and it was obvious that they were the ‘Americanized’ type.. or ‘Processed’ as I’d like to call it. You know the too Americanized type? The fake kind? As in Americanized just in clothing and language, but none of the brains?
Anyway.. since they were a little loud, just a little bit,  naturally I overheard some of the things they were talking about. The conversation was mostly about some mutual friends that they had, and what updates took place with each one. I wouldn’t have remembered this if it wasn’t for what one of the girls said to the other, with a very matter-of-fact tone. For the sake of visual effects, girl no. 1 will be Curly (for having curly hair) and girl no. 2 will be Shorty (for having short hair), and it goes as follows:

Curly: let me tell you something about myself, and it’s something I don’t normally say to others…

Shorty: go ahead…

Curly: if a girl is not very close to me on a personal level, I try not to interact with her a lot.

Shorty: (nodding in approval)

Curly: I mean there are girls whom I’m friendly with and say hi to and what not, but I intentionally put boundaries because they’re not close enough to me.

Shorty: that is so wise, you know. It’s important.

At this point, evidently, it wasn’t the end of their conversation, but there is something that grabbed my attention right there and then. And it is this: what the hell was she talking about?? They’re not close because they’re not close?? If you’re not close on a personal level I tend to keep it that way??

I believe we are all judgmental, even though we like to deny it. But immediately I thought how shallow people can be. Seriously, what does it mean when someone believes that others are queuing up for a chance to be close to them? It’s like that other ridiculous thing people say “I’m a very quiet person, but when I’m angry, I get ‘angry’…” – I don’t want to even comment on that. Simply because people do get angry when they’re..angry!
But let’s go back to what that girl said: is it that people feel more important, or empowered maybe, when they say this to other people? Like pointing out the obvious or giving out very useless information, as in the case with the conversation between those two girls.

Then I started having ideas. What if it were true? Your worth increases if you start saying stuff like that? Now, imagine what would happen if a financial market gets hit again. It shouldn’t be a problem, see! Government will speak up, they’ll say, “The financial crisis will not affect us; it’s not anywhere close to our investments.. because it’s not close to our investments.” And that’s it, the confidence in the Stock market gets reinstated and all is good and dandy. Another superpower would say, “We’re usually a very peaceful nation. But when we’re upset, we get really upset.” And people should go like, “Whoa! Easy there, Chief!”

The disturbing thing is that it is partially true, though. What is it called….oh, yes! .. Marketing. Because basically a lot of hogwash contributes to most marketing campaigns, and a lot of it is exactly like the conversation between Curly and Shorty. You do get kudos for saying nothing of value. And when you really listen to yourself, you’ll realize that you do it all the time too, without even noticing. It’s intrinsic.
Ultimately, that conversation ruined the flight journey because it broke my line of thought and focus on the book. See, I usually am very focused when I read, but when I get distracted I just can’t focus anymore.

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  1. Muffin-Oh!
    April 18, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    The last line, in my opinion, was the most important thing you’ve mentioned so far. It is indeed true as well.. hehe

    • April 18, 2011 at 1:19 pm

      Yeah I figured I might as well : )

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