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Dr. Love

I love this man. I’m in love, I think, with everything that has to do with the 7o’s. I think if I ever wanted to go back in time, I’d really want to be in the States in the 70’s. Don’t ask me what it is, though, because I feel exactly the opposite about the 80’s! It could be the weed and magic mushrooms that makes the difference ; )
Anyway, it was in a speech class I took when I was introduced to this man’s videos, Dr. Leo Buscaglia (pronounced Buus-kaalya). Our professor told us he was going to show us a couple of videos for a guy who would have without a single doubt failed ANY speech class! Simply because this Buscaglia guy spit a lot, shouted a lot, and had excessive and often distracting movements. A speaker should, according to Speech 101, be clear and calm – at least.

We had a in-class viewing, and based on what our professor said, I was expecting this guy to shout, his arms flailing, and jump up and down the podium in excitement; one who’d be more distracting than anything else. He was exactly that and more. Heck, I was blown away. This guy was better than ANY speaker I’ve ever seen or heard! He was captivating!
He seemed to wholeheartedly believe in what he said that he convinced me on spot. He spoke of love as if it were the only truth there is in the world. I mean, even though I could tell right away that this was a man who must have seen dark hours; he must have been through quite some difficult times and probably had a broken heart at one point in his life. You could see it right there in his eyes.

But in the same time, he seemed to be overwhelmed with joy and love! He seemed so beyond silly differences of race, ethnicity, nationality, politics, religion, money and other divisive issues. The one thing he truly represented was his humanity.
Boy was I captivated by this man. I asked our professor for the DVD’s, and after an hour of convincing, he finally agreed. On the condition that if I ever lose or damage  them I’d have to wash his car at campus until graduation. I agreed.
I took those DVD’s, copied them, and returned the originals the following day. Since then, I’ve been hooked on Dr. Love. Yes at times we lose track, and we get bitter, but that’s okay! It’s healthy to feel lost every now and then. Feeling lost only means we’re hungry for inspiration. Dr. Leo “Love” Buscaglia is right there to guide you! All the more reason for me to love the 70’s, really…

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  1. Bader
    April 18, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Bro, to know that there are people out there that are passionate about changing the hate with love makes me think I am sane again. Spreading love and becoming a better person Religiously, physically, and emotionally all starts with purifying your inner spirit. Seeing the good and not caring about the bad. I agree with him to the core. It helps and keeps people going like you said.

    These words I’m about to type will not do you justice but honestly and wholeheartedly, from every atom in my body, Thank you so much for sharing. There will forever be a ripple in the pond that I and everyone else in this world lives in which was caused by the rock that you just threw.

    • April 18, 2011 at 5:32 pm


      I thank YOU for throwing THAT rock, brother…

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