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Krispy Kreme: A Social Drama

December 17, 2011 14 comments

Hey, everyone! Been away for quite a while, and I’m not quite back. It seems life just ‘knows’ I hate roller-coasters! Anyway..

So I woke up today, feeling a little weak and lightheaded, and decided I should have some vitamin D. Got in the car, with my wife and evil daughter, and headed to Marina Crescent. Sure enough, it was one of the best shots I made in months (years?). The breeze was refreshing, the sun was amazing, and seeing my daughter run around and waving at the sea and screaming in utter joy was absolutely priceless.

Then of course I thought I either smelled Doughnuts.. or Homer Simpson. And thank God it wasn’t Homer. So I walked into the double K, got some original glazed, sugar glazed, chocolate glazed, to name a few. As the jolly salesman was getting my stuff ready, I noted some really nice sketches hung up here and there. I really liked them. But there was one that caught my attention. Something was not right:

This is supposed to be a family, right? Well where in the world is the dad?! It’s a single mom driving the kids to the.. well they’re going somewhere.. but it’s a single mom! There is NOTHING wrong with a single mom driving her kids to some place fun, for a vacation, but this isn’t a soap opera. This isn’t a reality check. And this certainly is not a place to have your subliminal messages in the face of your customers! Maybe Krispy Kreme’s customers didn’t notice. But if I did, I’m sure someone else has.
Maybe you’re thinking: “well what’s the big deal?” – I’ll tell why it’s a big deal: it’s a big deal from a business/commercial point of view. If I was in charge of supervising this artwork for KK, I would without blinking reject this. What’s so hard in adding a dad in there and have a complete, happy, and loving family vacation? I mean.. I did it in less than 10 minutes!

Dear Krispy Kreme:

I enjoyed your delicious doughnuts. I fixed the wife’s sunglasses, got her her husband back, and wanted to save the tennis racket from falling off, but then I thought sometimes you just lose your racket, you know? Just don’t lose the father, please.

Much love,